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Mysteries of the Ancient Kingdom
Enter the bowels of the Egyptian tombs before anyone else. Open doors to forbidden rooms and explore frightening catacombs by torchlight. Claustrophobes beware!
Tour Overview
Get ready to uncover the darkest secrets of Ancient Egypt. Be sure not to touch anything in those cursed halls—you wouldn’t want to unleash the wrath of the gods. Oh, and watch out for snakes.

Should you make it back, you will be given a tour of a colossal burial chamber, where we will stop for a short prayer. Take note of the magnificent hieroglyphics and don’t forget to give praise to Osiris.

Need some air? Go back to the surface and experience Memphis under the stars. Your guide will take you through the forbidden city to which only priests have access. Marvel at the massive statues that makes this ancient city one of the most beautiful in Ancient Egypt.

Stay close to the group at all times—or the tombs could be your final resting place.
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