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Extreme Egypt
Embark on a thrilling adventure with breathtaking sights. Brave a sandstorm, slide down the Great Pyramid at full speed, dive into the murky waters of the Nile and face bloodthirsty gladiators in the arena. Not for the faint of heart!
Tour Overview
Hold on to your togas! This is a tour you're not likely to forget.

Do you like diving? Good, because we're about to plunge deep into the depths of the Nile. Afterwards, we'll head to the top of the Great Pyramid to dry off in the sun. This is the moment to take out your camera—you're one of the lucky few who will ever get the chance to admire such a view!

When you come back down, be sure to shield your eyes. Egyptian sandstorms are notoriously unforgiving.

Feeling dizzy? You better come to your senses quickly, it's time to face the gladiators!
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